Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BeerBin Brews: DC Brau

Hello fellow Beer Drinkers. Here is the next installment of our BeerBin Brews Video Series, courtesy of our friends over at Cantaloupe Video: DC Brau! Enjoy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Drinking in Bali

Traveling to Bali, Indonesia, offers you various opportunities to brace your beer palate for the onslaught of Lagers and Pilsners that saturate the landscape. One such way to prepare is by choosing the East Coast route versus the West Coast route when flying out of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. A layover at London's Heathrow Airport gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy cask conditioned ales at their Bridge Bar. Give your self plenty of time to savor and take in every drop of any ale before you begin the next leg of your flight. My ale of choice was the cask conditioned Fuller's London Pride. A fine choice due to the complex caramel & toffee notes you will not doubt miss when drinking beer in Bali. In addition to tracking down a fine pint at LHR, you can also hear some English accents (d'uh). While in Bali, you can expect to hear plenty of Australian accents. Indonesia after all is a popular vacation destination for the Aussies.

Now it is very important to understand that the beers found in Bali are good. They are just what you would need in a tropical setting: refreshing lagers. After a while though, you want some variety. Bintang and Anker brands are the norm. Storm Beers are the variety. Since 2005 Storm Brewing Company in Bali has been providing fine ales to the island visitors. Storm Red Dawn, their Bronze Ale, is a great full bodied ale that is very drinkable in the tropical weather. Their Tropical Ale was probably my favorite. This golden ale had a light fruity aroma and is perfectly suited to be called a Tropical Ale. A wonderful ale to enjoy while relaxing on the white sandy beaches or in the middle of a town square.

The impression a country like Indonesia leaves you with is profound. Life is drastically different from any where in the states. Okay, maybe not drastically: people do work and do use wi-fi; but Bali, Indonesia, will no doubt make you forget the complications we add to our daily lives. Life really is simple in Bali. If you choose to complicate your Bali Life, that is your doing. Now in the matter of complicating my beer styles in Bali: yes, please complicate and add many more ales and lagers through out this tropical paradise!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BeerBin Brews: Saison Farmhouse Ale!

Here is our next featured beer in our new series "BeerBin Brews". Through cooperation with, we proudly present Saison Farmhouse Ale!

Monday, July 25, 2011

BeerBin Brews: Sun King's Popcorn Pilsner

Here is our next featured beer in our new series "BeerBin Brews". Through cooperation with, we proudly present Sun King's Popcorn Pilsner!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Owen & Engine

Bar Review: Owen & Engine in the Logan Square area of Chicago, Illinois

Settling in nicely into the corner of Western Avenue and Schubert Avenue, Owen & Engine has found a way to elevate your eating and drinking experience. The quaint and homely British inspired pub offers quality all around. Quality food, quality atmosphere, quality servers and most importantly to us: Quality Beer.

Beer Director and Certified Cicerone Elliot Beier knows his beer. Prior to becoming the Beer Director of Owen & Engine, Elliot worked for Small he has been around fine ales & lagers before. The majority of the 20 beer taps at Owen & Engine pour local Midwest beers. The real treats though, are the 4 Cask Conditioned Ales. Cask Conditioned Ales are poured via Beer Engines. "Real Ales on the Engine" as stated on their website, are considered to be the real ales. There is no nitrogen, no carbon dioxide pressure and more critically, the ales are unpasteurized and unfiltered. Not to get too technical, but this allows the presence of yeast to continue fermenting the ale. If you ask me, cask ales have a higher quality flavor & texture. Plus, they just go down smoother. Drinking ales from beer engines is an experience that not many Chicago bars offer (let alone offer 4 engines that pour cask ales)!

I must mention that Owen & Engine prides itself in offering well grown & freshly made food. Even the mayonnaise is made in house! When you combine the fantastic seasonal food menus and revolving beer taps and beer engines, your experience at Owen & Engine is sure to always be a unique one.

Owen & Engine is Highly Recommend by Gonzalo

Owen & Engine is located at 2700 N. Western Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.
Phone: 773-235-2930.
(If you have not figured it out yet, Owen & Engine is located across the street from the Regal City North Cinema. Conveniently, this corner of Chicago will make your Date Nights easy.)